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Learning From the Battlestar Galactica Series Bible

Tweet I discovered that the Battlestar Galactica Series Bible is available on the net (after reading about it in If you’re a fan of the re-imagined series, you’ll find it interesting. It contains a lot of insight into the show, how they approached the characterizations and shot it. RPG Related Specifically for the RPG-minded, the series bible provides a little insight into how the pros create a world, structure story lines and develop characters. Multiple Story Arcs Starting on Page 30 is the chapter on storylines. According to the text, they used a modified version of the three-tiered story structure used in Hill Street Blues: Series Arcs Multi-Episodic Arcs Stand Alone Arcs. This may look a bit familiar to those of you who’ve developed store lines for campaigns. When designing campaigns, we generally have a campaign-spanning story arc (the … Read entire article »

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