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What’s the Best Format for RPG Books? (Rhetorical)

Tweet Print. Next question. Yeah, I know, they’re not “green,” they’re heavy, they take up space, blah, blah. But it’s the one format I can take with me into the crapper  and not be accused of looking at porn. And that’s important. But, alas, time marches on, and the move toward publishing books exclusively in an electronic format is at this point an inevitability. Sadly .pdfs are the current default format, and I don’t think that’s going to change soon. But as publisher let go of the bonds of printed books, they need to also rethink the design and layout assumptions that exist because of the physical book and page. For instance, some titles that are solely published in pdf format still use the 8.5×11 portrait format. During this interim period, when both print and e-book formats coexist, it’s … Read entire article »

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