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Making an Existing Setting Your Own

Tweet I’ve started running an L5R game (you can hear recordings of the session at, and some of the things I’ve done with this well-established, long running setting are likely to make some purists a little twitchy. Strangers in a Strange Land L5R is a game of honor and politics, peopled with brave samurai and lofty courtiers. It is — to say the least — a complicated, incredibly detailed setting. Because the setting (for me and the players) was new, uncharted territory, I wanted to introduce it incrementally. I did this by making the PCs sort of outsiders. The most obvious way to do this is to make them actual outsiders who’ve suddenly found themselves in this last. I didn’t want to do that, because it’s a kind of old, hackneyed literary device. Instead, … Read entire article »

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Problems With Canon

Tweet **SPOILER ALERT** If you have not read the Dresden Files series, and you car about having things spoiled, STOP READING NOW. I’ve been reading through Dresden Files RPG: Your Story, looking for some ideas for a similar, but different sort of campaign I’ve been thinking about running. Having read all of the Dresden Files books to-date, I can definitely tell that the DFRPG was written a couple books ago. In the introduction to the setting, the authors discuss how the White Council is locked in a war with the Red Court of vampires, so much so that they are pretty preoccupied. As  anyone who has read “Changes” knows, that war ended very decisively — about as decisively as any war can end. And that brings me to two problems I’ve always had with RPG stories that involve existing … Read entire article »

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