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4 Attribute Savage Worlds Houserule

Tweet Here are the rules for my 4 attribute version of Savage Worlds. Reasons for this house rule: First of all, in a mechanical sense, I don’t think that it’s very balanced to make a character who is tough and brawny have to raise twice the number of attributes over a character who wants to be smart and witty (smarts), resolute and Inspiring (spirit), or fast and nimble (agility). Agility, smarts and Spirit are for some reason far more general than Vigor and Strength, and this seems to make a brawny character far less optimal than a character based on the more general attributes. Further more there is only one skill based on Strength and none based on vigor, meaning that if you choose to specialize in vigor and strength in character creation, … Read entire article »

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Reflection on the recording of Stu’s Ghostbusters Game

Tweet – Link to Stu’s posting of the game   First things first, I’ve listened to a number of real play recordings and unedited this one is more fun to listen to than any of the others. Now I should probably add that I know the people playing somewhat so that makes it even more fun to listen to. Without editing or tweaking, the sound is great and everything is very clear, a testament to Stu’s recording abilities and equipment. This is a great view of a master GM and a group of very talented role players playing a fabulous game and learning a new game system together and having a huge amount of fun. At the time of this writing I’m not entirely sure who all was playing. According to Stu the … Read entire article »

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GM’s Play YOUR Disads Too

Tweet We in the Happy Jacks community put a lot of emphasis on playing the character’s disads. It is at least as important for the GM to play the villains disads as it is for the player characters. Waitaminnit JiB why would I want to give my villains disads? I want my villains to be bad and nasty and evil and terrifying why would I want to give them something to make them weaker? Two reasons. First, it makes them more fun to play, and more fun for your players. Second, it makes them beatable without having to metagame or make the player characters more powerful than they should be. Something I think that we as GM’s need to keep in mind is that ULTIMATELY it is the purpose of a villain to … Read entire article »

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Happy Jacks Interviews: Hero System and GURPS

Tweet We’ve now finished two interviews with some luminaries of the RPG hobby. Our first interview was with Steven S. Long from Hero Games (Hero System). Our second interview was with Steve Jackson, Sean Punch, Jason Levine and Phil Reed of Steve Jackson Games (GURPS, Munchkin, Zombie Dice, etc.). It was a little surreal to be able to actually talk to these guys. I’ve been playing GURPS since the mid-80s and Hero since the early 90s, and I’ve logged far more hours of enjoyment than I can count with these systems. I specifically didn’t ask them to compare and contrast Hero and GURPS for a few reasons. Firstly, I didn’t want to put any of them in the position to disparage another company’s product — and it’s difficult to answer a question like that without … Read entire article »

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