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NPC: Non Passionate Character

Tweet Mr. Meek. The quiet kid. Anti-social man. All of these names represent that one player who sits quietly in the back corner of the group and only replies once they are directly asked a question. Troubling thoughts are the offspring of this character as the GM tries to weave the thread of the story while including that character in some miraculous way. NPC, the classic non-player character. This is an imaginary person of whom the GM has invented. On occasions this will include a detailed backstory, character sheet, family tree, and the type of vehicle they drive. Other times all that they have to run off of is a name and home town. The GM then has to try and make sure that they are included in the plot even though … Read entire article »

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Making Charcter Names: The Story of Naractes Chamter

Tweet One of the most threatening things for both players and GMs at the time they are creating their characters is the concept of creating a name. Often people will flake out and go with something that has absolutely no relevance to anything. Think about how many times you’ve seen the name “Bob” at the top of a sheet and wondered to yourself if this has to always be the weak link to your sound character concept. Well in this article I am going to present four methods to help create better character names, two specifically for a modern or futuristic setting and two for a fantasy setting. A. Modern/ Futuristic 1. Combine Names of Others There have been numerous instances where I have been stuck on an idea for a character and … Read entire article »

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JiB on Character Creation

Tweet There are as many ways to approach creating a character as there are people to create them. None of them are intrinsically better or worse than any other though some work better for one player or another, or for one sort of game or another. What follows is an example of how I create a player character. This example is my current character in my Wednesday night Pathfinder game. The concept – Everything hinges on the concept of the character as a literary construct. At this point I am largely disinterested in game mechanics other than to know whether the sort of character I want to do can be done within the rules of the game we’re playing and/or within the limits established by the GM. NOTE: Sometimes the concept grows out of an idea that comes from something in the rules. That … Read entire article »

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