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Advice to Gamers: December is Prep-Month!

Tweet Yeah, this is a little late, but I’ve seen several blog posts by frustrated gamers who can get games going in December. Take some advice from a long-time gamer. This doesn’t go out to the younger members of the RPG community, who are unfettered by responsibility. Enjoy your youth. Play often. This is for the rest of us: the parents, the mortgage-payers, the gainfully employed (or furiously looking), those of us with familial obligations. Write-off December as a month to play. You’ve got Christmas trees to secure, decorations to get out of the attic, presents to buy and wrap, lights to hang, Then you have to put all that crap away. This is not to say you don’t get some free time. But ask yourself this: honestly, how likely is it that the … Read entire article »

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