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Gateway 2011 Pre-Convention Post

Tweet The start of Gateway 2011 is four short days away. If you’re unfamiliar with Southern California/Los Angeles game conventions, we are fortunate enough to have three: Gateway, Orccon and Gamex. All three are presented by Strategicon, and they are all hosted most recently at the Sheraton Gateway hotel near LAX. I’m running three games for this convention. I LOVE prepping new games. I tend to suffer a bit from Gamemaster ADD, so having the opportunity to prep something fresh and new is exciting. Three games, however, is a bit much. I like┬ámaking maps, coming up with NPCs, coming up with plot hooks, etc. I rather it not consume so much of my free time, though. Next convention, I’ll run two games, but perhaps run one of them twice. It would be interesting to contrast … Read entire article »

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Some Thoughts on Con Game Prep

Tweet I’m running three games at our next local convention, Gateway 2011. Big Red Planet Hollywood — Savage Worlds. This adventure takes place in a highly unscientific setting in “Space!” The party plays a mixed crew (1/2 American, 1/2 British) aboard the Corazon del Oro in a pre-WWII alternate history. Ghostbusters: Los Angeles — Savage Worlds. This is a sequel to a one-shot I ran a year or so ago. There’s a recording of the original session available (warning: it is unedited, very long and has many interruptions). The game takes place in modern day Southern California. The Tulupian Avian: GURPS Traveller (4th ed.). A GURPS game set in the Traveller setting. Because of scheduling, I won’t be able to playtest any of these games, so I’m relying on experience and extenders and delayers. There are … Read entire article »

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JiB on GM’ing 8: Game Systems Really Don’t Matter

Tweet Ok, before everyone goes up in flames. I’m not disagreeing with Tappy’s premise that the game system flavors the play. Quite the contrary, I agree totally that it does. That is not the point of this JiB on GM’ing article, but I’ll get to the point momentarily. I just wanted to make sure and get that out front before I started.   I’ve been talking with a number of gm’s across different game systems lately including, Hero, Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, D&D 4e and L5r in particular, but not exclusively and with all the talk about game systems and the various mechanics and implementations I’ve come to an interesting conclusion, the game system doesn’t really matter. Or let me rephrase, it’s not the game system that is important.   We talk a great deal about … Read entire article »

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Something That Would Make Con-Game Prep Easier

Tweet I’m again preparing games for Gamex2011, and again, I’m faced with some daunting tasks. The most daunting is creating pregenerated player characters. I enjoy making characters — I really do — but when you have to make a bunch of them, it gets a bit overwhelming. Making good, interesting characters takes a lot of work. And every time I sit down to make six or eight for a con game, I know that someone out there probably made similar characters. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a searchable database of pre-gens one could peruse by game system, genre and power level? I think so. So, to our readers, I ask this: does such a page exist? I can’t really find one. So I may make one if I can find a few … Read entire article »

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Game Ideas for Gamex2011

Tweet I’m planning on running either one or two games on Sunday (May 29th) of Gamex2011, and I’m having trouble deciding which to work on. Here are my choices: GURPS Fantasy Dungeon Crawl with a party of modern-day Special Ops soldiers. A Hero System Comedic Super Hero adventure set in modern-day Los Angeles. A Hero System sequel to “Big Blue Monkeys From Outer Space” — pre-WWII pulp space setting. GURPS Fantasy — a rescue mission to the depths of Chaos, battling demons, elementals, etc. So my question is this: if you were looking to sign up for a game at a convention, which of the following would you want to sign up for? … Read entire article »

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