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Do-It-Yourself Superhero Masks

Tweet I realize this has nothing to do with gaming, but I figured it might come in handy for geek-minded Halloween lovers out there. I promise to go back to only posting gaming stuff here after Halloween! – Kimi A good superhero mask can make or break a costume, whether it’s for a kid’s party, Halloween, or a convention. I use a very simple method to create my superhero masks, and with a few craft supplies and household items, you can create your own mask that will look great and be easy on your wallet! Materials: – Craft Foam – Packs run about $7 and individual sheets around $1. – Styrofoam Wig Head – Found online or at wig shops for about $2 – $4. – Scissors/ Xacto Knife/ razor blade – Heat Gun / Hot … Read entire article »

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The Geek Girl Problem

Tweet The problem with the geek girl subculture is the unrelenting expectation of uniformity. I have seen countless articles and posts about the problems with the geek girl subculture. Some are written by geek girls and some are simply commenting on us. Many cast stones at select groups of female geeks for a huge variety of transgressions. Girls are too sexy, not sexy enough, too specialized in their interest, not specialized enough, too fake, too judgmental, too obsessed, not obsessed enough, too mainstream, too antisocial, too popular, not popular enough, and on and on and on. Somehow, people have the idea that if geek girls took their specific advice, we will become a unified army of geekdom. Are you flipping kidding me? REALLY? Despite our different backgrounds, ethnicities, body types, religions, knowledge, skills, … Read entire article »

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Why Are You Being Rude?

Tweet I don’t understand something. Maybe someone can explain it to me (I’m not really looking or an explanation — it’s rhetorical, really). I’ve seen dozens of instances of it, but two very recently. Both Kimi (Happy Jacks host) and Mac Beauvais¬†(Strange Like That) have received snarky comments from self appointed steampunk critics or experts (I’m not sure which, and it doesn’t really matter) about their DC steampunk costumes. Essentially, what they’re saying is, “I don’t like what you’re doing and I’m going to criticize it.” While I don’t pretend to understand the rage about the inconsequential, it’s not uncommon. I know a guy who hates Sketchers. That’s right, the shoes. He can go off on a tirade about why he hates Sketchers. But you know what he doesn’t do? He doesn’t post comments on … Read entire article »

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