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DnD4e to GURPS: some on-line resources.

Tweet I’m reworking my fantasy campaign, called Eldemy, for GURPS. The game started in DnD 4th Edition. One of the stumbling blocks I’ve encountered is the lack of a Monster Manual-type product for GURPS. DnD4E has three volumes of monsters (at last count), and since the next part of my campaign happens in an area very similar to DnD’s Elemental Chaos, I need a lot of strange creatures to populate my new plane. Some of you might say, “just make the monsters you need. It’s GURPS — you can do anything.” Yes, I could make all of my monsters, and were I younger with more time, I would do just that (and relish the opportunity). But with time constraints being what they are, I rather not recreate what someone else has already created … Read entire article »

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