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Why I Play The Powerless

Tweet If you read Stu’s article on “Playing the Powerless” he had some ideas on why folks like to play Dis-Empowerment games, I.E. games where your character is more a regular guy, like a librarian, instead a towering warrior. Stu mentioned Call of Cthulhu in his article and what he thought people found enjoyable in the game. As it happens, Call of Cthulhu is one of my favorite RPGs, so I thought I’d list some of the reasons Stu did, but add my thoughts to each. Let’s take them one at a time. – Immersion Immersion is king. The thing I like best when playing Call of Cthulhu, whether playing a PC or being the Keeper, it is the one game where when we play, everyone is a little bit hesitant to open … Read entire article »

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Don’t Retcon Me

Tweet I’m not a huge fan of retconning in the games I play. I believe the game should unfold naturally and the players and GM live with the results. If your character lives, great. If they die, you best get to rolling up a new one. An example: In the same Call of Cthulhu game session I mentioned in my previous column, Guns & Cthulhu, we ran up against a pretty hardcore fight in a subterranean cavern. The Big Bad in there was willing to let us walk out of there in exchange for another human soul. The group, still reeling from how badly we were getting our asses kicked just a few seconds previous, decided to take this bargain. Long story short, we found an innocent guy we had left back in … Read entire article »

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