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Three Questions a GM Should Ask Before “Fudging” a Die Roll

Tweet When a GM uses a screen, the only one watching over him is his own conscience, and there are times when we, for the good of the game, decide to ignore or modify a secret die roll. Perhaps we don’t want the paladin to get one-shotted by a lowly kobold. Maybe we want that secretly rolled perception check to succeed, even though we rolled a critical failure. Whatever the reason, and however justified we feel about what we’re doing, we are violating the rules of the game. Yes, I know some games explicitly say the GM can ignore any result he or she wants. Yeah, I get it, the rules sometimes say you can cheat, but here are some things to think about before you do it. 1. Am I Betraying My … Read entire article »

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A New Approach to Diceless Role-Playing.

Tweet I’ve always wanted to experiment with diceless role-playing ever since I heard of Amber diceless way back in the early 1990s. I experimented with a strictly narativist system in the mid-1990s but I found the whole process to be fraught with pitfalls. By using the set of blank dice pictured to the left (or above — who knows how this post will lay-out…), I was able to run a diceless game and gain all the benefits without the pitfalls. Here are a few of the advantages I noticed in the playtest session. No worries about a single roll messing up my plans. We’ve all been there — you’ve got the story headed in just the right direction, everything’s going as planned, and then one of your players scores a critical hit. The … Read entire article »

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