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Playing the Powerless

Tweet A few months ago on the show, we had a guest host, Sean, who used some very concise language to distinguish Call of Cthulhu from most other RPGs. Most games, he said are “Empowerment Fantasies,” while Call of Cthulhu is a “Dis-empowerment¬†Fantasy.” It got me thinking about the ‘why’ of dis-empowerment games. Why does someone want to play a game where they are¬†overwhelmed? Why does someone want to portray what will inevitably be the losing side? I Wanna Be Awesome The answer is not the inverse of an empowerment game. Most of us, we can reason, don’t get to go out and do whatever we want, find adventure and slay evildoers. We have responsibilities, limits (be they self-imposed or not). We play empowerment games to get a chance to do what we normally … Read entire article »

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