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The Wisdom 8 Rogue

Tweet In his August 6th D&D Next article, Mike Mearls indicated that WotC had received some feedback regarding the rogue class and it’s ability to find traps. Some people felt it was silly for the cleric to have a better chance of finding traps than the rogue, simply because the cleric had a higher Wisdom score. WotC’s solution was to create a rule that allows rogue players to use the higher of either a +3 or their ability score modifier when using a skill in which the rogue is trained. This is an absolutely terrible idea. The problem: Other people than me have pointed this out, but this “solution” effectively gives the rogue a score of 16 to 17 in any ability score related to a skill in which the character is trained. We don’t … Read entire article »

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DnDNext: Is this REALLY how you should design a game?

Tweet The next iteration of DnD is coming to open play test soon. Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford held a chat Q&A earlier today. I put a transcript on our forum. It’s not making me excited about the product, which happens to be the gateway drug to one of my favorite hobbies. This is mostly because of the questions they chose to answer (or maybe it was the only questions they got). Some of them were typical procedural questions about the play test, what materials it will include, what’s changed since the demos over the past few months, etc. The rest of the questions pretty much had to do with combat. It was either, “what cool stuff are you including for the class I like to play?” or “are you getting rid of this … Read entire article »

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