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Why the DnD5E DM Screen is Almost Perfect (perfect is impossible, BTW)

Tweet I just opened my DnD5E Dungneon Master’s Screen, and I am delighted. This is by far the closest a preprinted GM screen can come to perfect. The perfect GM screen would include information about the PCs, like weaknesses or disadvantages, but that’s impossible for a preprinted screen, of course. Why is it so good? Here’s why: Random NPC Tables The left-most panel of the DM side of the screen contains about the most useful information a GM can have at-a-glance. It features five random tables for fleshing out NPCs. Your players meet a shopkeeper and they start up conversation with a poor bloke who doesn’t even have a name. No problem. These five table will give you a fleshed out PC with a few dice rolls. These tables give you a randomized version of the PC background … Read entire article »

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DnD 5th Edition

Tweet Most of the RPG bloggerati is convinced that DnD5e is in development. Posts from Monte Cook are scoured for hints as to what DnD5e will be like. People have put up wish lists of their hopes for the next edition of the 800-pound gorilla of the industry. Hell, I might as well put out my own wish list. You listening Monte? Ditch Armor Class. This was a bad game mechanic from its inception. For a miniatures game, which may be where it came from, ┬áit’s fine. For a role-playing game, it’s outdated. There are a dozen different ways to handle to-hit and damage resolution. Give up on the hubris — admit there might be a more elegant solution to depicting armor in combat. Stop Obsessing About Game Balance. 4th Edtion DnD is a game … Read entire article »

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