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Inspiring Games and Nightmares…

Tweet I saw this at Joe the Lawyer’s Wonderous Imaginings Blog. It’s about a fungus that takes over insects, controls them, then kills them so the fungus can propagate. … Read entire article »

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Handling the Non-Role-Player

Tweet Note: This is a response I wrote on the Happy Jack’s forum to a listener who was having trouble getting a new player to role-play during the game. He described his efforts (some of which were monumental) to get the player to join in — but no success. I suggested three possibilities as to why. Here they are. He’s not there to role-play My wife flatly refuses to play with us any more. She played in the very first DnD4e session I ran and had fun doing it. Since then, she’s decided she isn’t a role-player. She wants to solve puzzles and kill monsters, a la old-school D&D. That’s they way she played back in the day, and she’s not interested in taking on a persona, engaging in RP … Read entire article »

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