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Game Ideas for Gamex2011

Tweet I’m planning on running either one or two games on Sunday (May 29th) of Gamex2011, and I’m having trouble deciding which to work on. Here are my choices: GURPS Fantasy Dungeon Crawl with a party of modern-day Special Ops soldiers. A Hero System Comedic Super Hero adventure set in modern-day Los Angeles. A Hero System sequel to “Big Blue Monkeys From Outer Space” — pre-WWII pulp space setting. GURPS Fantasy — a rescue mission to the depths of Chaos, battling demons, elementals, etc. So my question is this: if you were looking to sign up for a game at a convention, which of the following would you want to sign up for? … Read entire article »

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Convention Game Design

Tweet We had an entire weekend of convention games at Orccon 2011, and there were lots of lessons learned. I’d like to detail the games I ran, what worked, what didn’t and how I’m going to approach the games I’m designing for Gamex 2011. I’ve identified four things to keep in mind when designing a good con game. Characters Goals Time Playing with Expectations 1. Characters No need to re-invent the wheel here. Check out Christopher Paul’s excellent paper on convention game character design, where in he describes how you pre-generated characters are THE most important aspect of a good con game. To summarize, Chris states that the most important part of a con game is the characters, and as such, they should be well-fleshed-out and fun to play. During the two games I ran at Orccon 2011, I think … Read entire article »

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