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Middle School History RPG

Tweet It is a constant challenge to keep students engaged in middle school. You know the age, spring has sprung and suddenly girls no longer have cooties. In fact, they are darn attractive. Suddenly, school is the last thing on your mind when you are sitting in class. It’s Mother Nature herself that I am fighting against each day when I try to keep my 7th graders interested. What weapon can a teacher use in this battle against hormones? Dice of course! Don’t tell me you are surprised… I’ve designed a class RPG/Risk inspired simulation to bring Medieval Japan to life in my classroom. Each group of students is responsible for maintaining their feudal state, including the earning of food and money to upkeep their armies. They can declare war and battle against … Read entire article »

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JiB on GM’ing: Pathfinder Variant Rules, Character Advancement

Tweet Our final exploration of the variant rules for Pathfinder found in the Ultimate Combat Guide discusses character advancement, the effect of magic and magic items, and takes a look at creatures and how to convert them to use the variant rules as well. Several people have raised some very valid thoughts, questions and even concerns about the variant rules and their impact on game play. Based on the test combats that I have run it seems to me that combat in Pathfinder is a bit more dangerous for the player characters now and the game ends up being a little bit grittier. There are lots of ways to measure the effect of a rule on combat but the one I use is, “How long does a creature stay in play in … Read entire article »

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JiB on GM’ing: Vigor and Wounds vs Hit Points in Pathfinder

Tweet When last we spoke …   We were talking about armor as damage reduction in the Pathfinder game. The next part of the variant rules available from the Ultimate Combat Guide involve replacing hit points with a Vigor score and a Wounds score. As unpalatable as Stu finds armor class, I have the same problem with hit points. As long as I’ve been playing variations of the d20 rules I have thought that hit points were a really bad way to express a characters health or their ability to withstand, or avoid, damage. It has always been one of those things that everyone ends up house ruling to some extent or another. Paizo has provided players with a much better representation. The purpose of this JiB on GM’ing article is to explore … Read entire article »

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Hero Games Scaling Back

Tweet There’s an announcement on the Hero Games web page stating at Steven S. Long (line developer) and Darren Watts (president) are leaving the company. Jason Walters (general manager) will remain the only full-time employee. It’s difficult to avoid reading a lot into such an announcement. Does this mean the end of the Hero System? Probably not for a while, anyway. Certainly there are plenty of of folks out there who will continue to play and run Hero System games. And the company has stated that there will be an attractive third-party publisher option out there for those who which to support the system. There are also indications that Long and Watts will continue to support the system as freelancers or third-party developers. If this had happened fifteen years ago, I’d declare the Hero System … Read entire article »

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JiB on GM’ing 7: GM’s are Players Too

Tweet GM’ing is hard work. It takes a lot of time and effort to write, prep and run a good game. Sometimes in the haze and panic of prepping a game for play we forget that we (gm’s) are players too. We spend the time and effort to make a good game so we can have fun with the other players. I’ve recently had conversations with a couple of gm’s who were struggling with their games for different reasons mostly having to do with a fairly simple precept, “Make sure that the players have fun with the game.” That sounds good on the surface. We want to make sure that our players enjoy the games that we put in front of them. That said, if we’re not having fun with the … Read entire article »

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