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A Better GM Screen: Part Two – Your Weaknesses

Tweet In my last post, I talked about information that could be included on GM screens to make us better GMs — not just better at the rules. In that post, I focused on information about the PCs: perception numbers, weaknesses, enemies, etc. That’s the first panel, and it’s a pretty obvious choice if you think about it. It’s information that every GM at one point or another realizes he or she consistently needs. Where to start? For the other panels on the screen, that requires more thought, and truth be told, I don’t think it’s going to be the same for every GM. We all run our games differently, and we all have different weaknesses and areas that can improve. The key to filling out the rest of the screen, I think, is … Read entire article »

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A Better GM Screen: Part One – Your Protagonists

Tweet Most GM screens give you either three or four 8.5×11 panels on either side for information. This is a very small amount of real estate, considering the size of most rule books. I’m sure there’s a great deal of consternation when game designers decides what to include and what to exclude from the screen. In some cases, it doesn’t seem there’s much thought at all. We’ve all looked at a particular table on a screen and wondered, “why that chart?” And as you gain confidence and experience with a system the information on the screen (if you use it at all) eventually becomes unnecessary. But what if we used that real estate for something else? What if, instead of using it to make us better rules authorities, we used it to make us … Read entire article »

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