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A GMing Article I Wrote in 1997

Tweet I originally wrote in article for the old Happy Jacks RPG Resources. You can find it mixed in with homebrewing stuff on if you want to find it. This article is almost 20 years old, but much of what I wrote here still rings true — to me at least. In the fall of 1978, as a seventh grader in junior high school, I was introduced to the world of Fantasy Role Playing when a friend bought the DnD Beginners Set. It came with a basic rule book and some cardboard chits in place of dice. We played through the sample adventure, and I was hooked. Within a week or two I was creating my own dungeons, and running players through them. From there I went on to Traveller, and … Read entire article »

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Upheaval in RPGs

Upheaval in RPGs

Tweet **Spoiler Alert** If you are listening to our Actual Play podcasts of the L5R game — Saga of the Inukai, you may want to skip this article until you hear Session 11, as it involves events that took place in that session. We had a pretty Earth-shattering event happen in our last L5R session. The party’s daimyo was forcibly removed by his older brother (who is daimyo of other lands a few day’s journey away. A commenter … Read entire article »

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Creating a Scene in an RPG

Tweet Scenes are the building blocks of an adventure. They are those moments when the player characters interact with the setting, be it NPCs, searching a site for clues, etc. Organizing your adventure in scenes is, to my mind, the most flexible way to craft an adventure, but there are several questions the GM must ask himself in order to keep that flexibility and have a satisfying session. What Is the Purpose of the Scene? First and foremost, you need to know what your’e trying to accomplish with the scene. Does the scene exist to: Bring about combat or possibly bring it about? Provide the PCs with information? Allow the PCs to gather information? Give time to develop the PCs? Make time for PC-to-PC interaction? Introduce or develop an NPC? Introduce a MacGuffin? There are countess other possible reasons, I just listed … Read entire article »

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