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My Free-Form GURPS Magic System from the 1990s

Tweet This article is from around 1995 as far as I can tell. I designed a free-form magic system for GURPS (probably 3rd edition, I’m guessing). My gaming hiatus started around the time this article was written, so I never got around to playtesting it.  The Principles of Magic and the Order of Things Alternate and Additional Rules for Magic in GURPS By Stu Venable, Jr. The Science of Magic Most mages learn spells by rote. Many mages, even some of the most powerful ones, may know scores of spells but be unable to describe the forces that make the magics work. They have been taught the procedures and rituals that make magic, but they do not understand the underlying principles — the theory — of magic. Some mages, however, have learned the acedemics of magic. These … Read entire article »

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A look at my con-game prep.

Tweet Last weekend at Strategicon’s Gateway 2013, I ran a GURPS game called the Overwarlord’s Emissaries. The game is set in a setting I’m working on, called Blood, Blade and Tusk. It’s an alternate history where – just as the crusades are about to start – hordes of orcs show up in France, dramatically changing the course of history. In this game, two hundred years of war and a successful series of campaigns by the orcs’ Overwarlord Tu’ch Ra’tan has left the kingdoms of Christendom nearly bankrupt and ready to make peace. The party of player characters consists of the bitterly divided orc tribes’ peace emissaries. Some tribes sent their fiercest orc warriors. Other tribes, sincerely ready for peace, sent more learned orcs (a merchant, a poet, and a shaman). Christendom was also divided … Read entire article »

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Topic Preview: What Makes a Good Plot Hook

Topic Preview: What Makes a Good Plot Hook

Tweet Plot hook. It’s a term most GMs are familiar with. We often drop what we think is a plot hook , expecting the players to jump into action, yet we often get frustrated as they look at each other, befuddled, paralyzed with inaction. Two things go into a plot hook, and both are important for compelling action from the PCs. One: A Reason to Get Involved. Without a compelling reason to get involved in the story you’re trying … Read entire article »

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Gateway 2012 Lessons Learned

Gateway 2012 Lessons Learned

Tweet The last Strategicon convention of 2012 is now history. As I often like to do, I’m now thinking about those games — what went right and what didn’t and what can I improve for the next con. Generally Speaking I ran two games this time around, and both were in GURPS. One was a 1920s cosmic horror game (a la Call of Cthulhu) and the other was a murder mystery in a fantasy setting (I used the … Read entire article »

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A Study in Pre-Game Collaboration

Tweet So the first session of my Google+ GURPS Fantasy game just ended. We played for about two hours, had a couple of crashing and glitches, but all-in-all it was a fun session. My preparation for this game started long ago with some world building. Most of it was big picture stuff: What’s the religion like? How does magic fit in? What are the large-scale conflicts in the world? I also wrote up a few short adventure hooks. When I wrote them, I didn’t even have players, so they were very general, and mostly they were ways I could introduce prominent people and places within the world to the party. Well, I got players, four of them, and I got characters — and everything changed. That’s not quite accurate. Everything didn’t change, but my perspective on the world … Read entire article »

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