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Hero System 6th Supplements

Tweet I’ve talked at length about the flexibility of the Hero System. Steven S. Long even described Hero’s flexibility as one of the system’s major strengths. He described how you can use the system to literally design your own magic system for your campaign. We’ve also talked on the podcast about how you can design nearly any character concept you like. But there is a price to pay for this kind of flexibility. A GM who begins designing a campaign is faced with a daunting amount of work. Whether it’s designing villain NPCs, creating a framework for a magic system, designing weapons or creating monsters, the GM is look at many many hours of work. After all, the Hero 6th core books are a framework, not a setting. The onus forĀ  setting design … Read entire article »

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Happy Jacks Interviews: Hero System and GURPS

Tweet We’ve now finished two interviews with some luminaries of the RPG hobby. Our first interview was with Steven S. Long from Hero Games (Hero System). Our second interview was with Steve Jackson, Sean Punch, Jason Levine and Phil Reed of Steve Jackson Games (GURPS, Munchkin, Zombie Dice, etc.). It was a little surreal to be able to actually talk to these guys. I’ve been playing GURPS since the mid-80s and Hero since the early 90s, and I’ve logged far more hours of enjoyment than I can count with these systems. I specifically didn’t ask them to compare and contrast Hero and GURPS for a few reasons. Firstly, I didn’t want to put any of them in the position to disparage another company’s product — and it’s difficult to answer a question like that without … Read entire article »

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Hero System Game Prep

Tweet As I’ve stated on the show, I just finished preparing a one-shot adventure for Orccon 2011 in February. The adventure is called “Big Blue Monkeys From Outerspace!” I designed six pre-generated PCs and about five NPCs/Villains/Monsters. Additionally, Bill and I are going to run a Champions game at the con as well. This will involve even more game prep. I’ve organized a few things that have made my life easier as I’m preparing for the con. Use Hero Designer Hero Designer is the official character maker for the Hero System. It allows users to make characters in both Hero System 5th Edition and the new 6th Edition rules. It makes (relatively) short work of Hero’s famously flexible chargen system. Point totals are updated automatically as you change stats, add skills and powers, talents, … Read entire article »

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Why You Should Try Hero System

Tweet Casey and Bruce are running a 5th Edition Hero Fantasy Game. I’ve talked about it on the show — I’m playing a blind guy with a katana. It’s a very fun game, and it’s reminded me what I really like about Hero — and it’s inspired me to run a one-shot at Orccon 2011 in February. Hero has been around for a very long time, starting with Champions in 1981, and it may be the firstĀ  RPG to use a point-based chargen system. Hero as a system has many aspects that set it apart from many other RPGs. Character Generation First and foremost is character generation. The Hero System strives to allow the players to come up with quite literally any character concept and create it. Because of this, the Hero Chargen System … Read entire article »

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