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Two Great RPG Titles on Sale at RPGNow

Tweet Two great titles are now on sale at drivethrurpg/rpgnow. These sales end on June 2nd, so don’t wait to long if you’ve been looking to pick them up on the cheap. The first is the 4th Edition of Legends of the Five Rings for $8.75. The second is Mongoose Publishing’s Traveller Core Book for $4.80. Legends of the Five Rings (or L5R), is a fantasy RPG based on the feudal samurai era of Japan (though the actual setting is fictitious). L5R from the ground up is a new look at a fantasy adventure game without the medieval-European/.Tolkien-based setting. It is refreshing for those who want to run a fantasy game, but are tired of all the common Western tropes. Mongoose’s Traveller is quite possibly the best re-imagining of Marc Miller’s original 1977 classic Traveller RPG. … Read entire article »

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Reactive Prep: Is Less More?

Tweet I received some feedback from the last L5R session that I’d like to share. The player said, “I feel like the actions we take have a direct effect on the story.” And they do. The basic premise of the story as it’s developed is this: the younger brother of a minor Daimyo, (Japanese feudal lord) finds himself lord of an unexpectedly wealthy holding. As his domain grows, he relies on three samurai (the party) who are his only blood relations. My prep for this game consists of answering two questions: How will last week’s events affect the story/setting? How can I complicate the story this week?   Clearly, I can’t answer the first question until the previous session is over, and the second question often requires the context of what the party will do in the next … Read entire article »

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Making an Existing Setting Your Own

Tweet I’ve started running an L5R game (you can hear recordings of the session at, and some of the things I’ve done with this well-established, long running setting are likely to make some purists a little twitchy. Strangers in a Strange Land L5R is a game of honor and politics, peopled with brave samurai and lofty courtiers. It is — to say the least — a complicated, incredibly detailed setting. Because the setting (for me and the players) was new, uncharted territory, I wanted to introduce it incrementally. I did this by making the PCs sort of outsiders. The most obvious way to do this is to make them actual outsiders who’ve suddenly found themselves in this last. I didn’t want to do that, because it’s a kind of old, hackneyed literary device. Instead, … Read entire article »

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