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A Challenge: LOSE!

Tweet We all play games for different reasons, for some of us, it’s about the story, for others it’s doing awesome stuff, building a powerful character, gathering wealth, etc. But even among the most role-play-heavy players you’ll see a drop or cessation of role-playing once combat starts. Players — even good ones — may trade tactical advice, point out particular dangers, etc. This often won’t be in character. It’s simple table talk between players who are cooperating to win a combat encounter. But it IS metagaming. Amongst the many crimes of metagaming, this is probably a minor infraction, so insignificant that many GMs wouldn’t bother admonishing players for it. And it’s understandable: combats in RPGs are always a win-lose event, and everyone likes to win. But consider this: what would happen to your character’s story … Read entire article »

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