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It’s Christmas Time – Time to Reminisce.

Tweet   Seeing that it’s Christmas time, it seems like a good time to talk about the RPG-related highlights of the last year and look at last year’s New Year’s resolutions. Generally speaking, it was a sparse year for gaming. Apart from a struggling on-line GURPS game, a few sessions of L5R and some con-related playtests and con games, there wasn’t a dearth of gaming. Many things got in the way, and one of the biggest, ironically, was the the podcast.. But there was some gaming. As I think I’ve mentioned before, we are fortunate enough to have three game conventions a year in the Los Angeles area. With a couple games per convention, and the prep involved, there were plenty of game-related activities, if not a lot of actual gaming. I also hosted a mini … Read entire article »

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My New Year’s Wishes

Tweet Christmas is almost here and the impending doom of 2012 is right around the corner. So in an act of defiant denial, I now present my hopes and wishes for the new year of table top RP gaming. Acquire and Play Shadowrun. Shadowrun is one of those games I never played. We recently had an email from a listener on the podcast, and he detailed much of the good stuff about Shadowrun. So next year, I want to buy and try Shadowrun. I almost bought it while we were recording the show, but I remembered that I’m not supposed to buy stuff for myself between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Game Every Week. Right now it’s all I can do to game about twice a month, but I really wish it was an every … Read entire article »

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