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My edition is older than your edition

Tweet The following article was submitted by Happy Jacks RPG Podcast listener and Forum participant Eric “Maxinstuff” Parker. A critique of the OSR (Old School Renaissance) and its attitudes I am part of what you might call the new generation of role playing gamers. I grew up in the age of Super Nintendo, and only discovered D&D via a PC game called Baldur’s Gate. Years later I bought my very first RPG book, the Savage Worlds Deluxe hardback. That is so embarrassingly recent that I feel this qualifies me to take a look at our hobby with some fresh eyes, and provide a bit of a critique of the ‘Old School Renaissance’ (OSR) and some of the attitudes it entails. Now I am not out to shit on anyone’s fun. There is no … Read entire article »

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To Be or I AM – the role within role-playing

Tweet It may be because I singularly promote RPGs as a way to make friends that longtime role-players often asked me: How does playing a role-playing game aid in making friends more than in any other activity? The simple answer is within the specific capability of RPGs to recruit and reflect the player group within it. A role-playing game is a game without any set moves just one set goal: to survive. There is no finish line, no end game, and no control of the board to monopolize. There are only challenges to overcome and challenges for players to agree to undertake. RPGs are very free-form – something all the talk about system balance tends to conveniently overlook. The leader of the game, a neutral player who creates the challenges for the … Read entire article »

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