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Wild Talents

Tweet Hello fellow gamer geeks! Welcome to the first installment of Kimi’s Korner (WINNER!)… just kidding. I won’t be calling it that. Damn you Charlie Sheen for ruining that great alliteration. If anyone has any catchy title ideas for my posts, let me know. For those of you just joining us (or who don’t listen to the Happy Jacks RPG Podcast… losers), I’m Kimi. I’m a real life geek and gamer girl who loves RPGs. At OrcCon, The Amazing Fray™ (also known as Fray) and I ran a new-to-the-Happy-Jacks-crew system called Wild Talents. It is a system specifically designed as a superhero RPG. Arc Dream Publishing released it in December of 2006. This is my n00b friendly review of that system. I’ll be breaking the game down into four basic categories and then … Read entire article »

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Convention Game Design

Tweet We had an entire weekend of convention games at Orccon 2011, and there were lots of lessons learned. I’d like to detail the games I ran, what worked, what didn’t and how I’m going to approach the games I’m designing for Gamex 2011. I’ve identified four things to keep in mind when designing a good con game. Characters Goals Time Playing with Expectations 1. Characters No need to re-invent the wheel here. Check out Christopher Paul’s excellent paper on convention game character design, where in he describes how you pre-generated characters are THE most important aspect of a good con game. To summarize, Chris states that the most important part of a con game is the characters, and as such, they should be well-fleshed-out and fun to play. During the two games I ran at Orccon 2011, I think … Read entire article »

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Orccon 2011 – Post Con Wrap-up.

Tweet Orccon 2011 While there’s still almost an entire day of Orccon 2011 left, alas, I had to head home. WHAT I great time. It differed a lot for Gateway 2010 (the last convention we attended) in several ways. Firstly, I was very careful to make sure my schedule wasn’t too busy at Gateway — I only ran one game and then we recorded the podcast at 8pm on Saturday. This did give me a lot of free time to visit with people, meet listeners to the show, check out the exhibitor hall, eat, drink, be merry, etc. At this most recent con, I threw caution to the wind. I ran two games on Saturday, did the podcast Saturday night and ran a third game with my good friend Bill Roper on Sunday. A … Read entire article »

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