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OrcCon 2012 – Twisted Laser Ponies Game

Tweet I didn’t know what to expect when I ran my adult-theme Laser Ponies convention game at OrcCon 2012. Convention games are an unpredictable beast. You never know who will show up at your table, or if they will buy the concept that you have spent endless hours prepping. This concept was especially risky with Laser Ponies, but I hoped that anyone who signed up for a twisted game of alien ponies would show up ready for anything. I love having an amazing setup for my players when they arrive. I also like the players to be surprised by the characters that they get. Usually, my players have little clues when the arrive at the table, but nobody gets to see their character sheets until everyone is seated and we get started. … Read entire article »

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Game Debrief: Savage Worlds: Ghostbusters LA Part 3

Tweet At Orccon 2012, I ran the third installment of my Savage Worlds: Ghostbusters LA game. I had serious writer’s block when trying to come up with Part 3, with at least three false starts at the adventure. Finally, out of desperation, I resorted to the random horror adventure tables in the back of Reality Blurs’ Realms of Cthulhu source book for Savage Worlds. The tables did give me several elements which helped me put a story together. There was some mystery, some gore, a little spookiness. If you’re interested, here are my game notes going in to the session: ¬†SW-GBLA-3-Game Notes Here are a few things that went right and wrong during the game. Props At every GB:LA game the players get an issue of the Pasadena Paranormal Press. The Pasadena Paranormal Press is the local … Read entire article »

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Possible Games for Orccon 2012

Tweet With Gateway 2011 behind us, I’ve started thinking about games for Orccon 2012 in February. Because of my work schedule, I don’t think I can run three game, but I can definitely swing two. Here are my ideas, I’d love to hear feedback from readers about which games you’d be interested in playing. Tales of the Corazon del Oro: Spider Nazis on Mars System: Savage Worlds. Setting: a custom pulp/sci fi setting where physics are thrown out the window and adventure abounds. Synopsis: The part British/part American crew of the Corazon del Oro has been sent to infiltrate a German colony on Mars. Informants say there’s a secret weapon being developed in the idyllic neo-Bavarian hamlet. Can the crew discover this secret weapon? Can the crew sabotage it? Can the crew speak German? F-Troop: The Shadow Over … Read entire article »

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