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From the Archive: Orcs – the Noble Natives

Tweet Note: This article was originally written by Stu Venable and Bill Roper in 1997. The Noble Natives An Alternate View of Fantasy Role-Playing’s Cannon Fodder. by Stu Venable and Bill Roper Introduction Orcs are often described as brutal, ruthless, and stupid — typical combat fodder. Hardly a worthy foe. This is an attempt to rewrite orcs as a warrior race, noble in their brutality, calculating in their ruthlessness, and not so stupid. A Product of Society A society shapes those who live in it. It is a force of evolution as strong as nature, selecting those who will survive and prosper. The hierarchy of orc society is based on strength and ruthlessness, very different from the culture most of us know. For most orcs to survive to adulthood, there are certain attributes they must possess. Other races will … Read entire article »

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