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OrcCon 2012 – Twisted Laser Ponies Game

Tweet I didn’t know what to expect when I ran my adult-theme Laser Ponies convention game at OrcCon 2012. Convention games are an unpredictable beast. You never know who will show up at your table, or if they will buy the concept that you have spent endless hours prepping. This concept was especially risky with Laser Ponies, but I hoped that anyone who signed up for a twisted game of alien ponies would show up ready for anything. I love having an amazing setup for my players when they arrive. I also like the players to be surprised by the characters that they get. Usually, my players have little clues when the arrive at the table, but nobody gets to see their character sheets until everyone is seated and we get started. … Read entire article »

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JiB on GM’ing 8: Game Systems Really Don’t Matter

Tweet Ok, before everyone goes up in flames. I’m not disagreeing with Tappy’s premise that the game system flavors the play. Quite the contrary, I agree totally that it does. That is not the point of this JiB on GM’ing article, but I’ll get to the point momentarily. I just wanted to make sure and get that out front before I started.   I’ve been talking with a number of gm’s across different game systems lately including, Hero, Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, D&D 4e and L5r in particular, but not exclusively and with all the talk about game systems and the various mechanics and implementations I’ve come to an interesting conclusion, the game system doesn’t really matter. Or let me rephrase, it’s not the game system that is important.   We talk a great deal about … Read entire article »

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On GM’ing :: Being a Thespian GM

Tweet This is the first in an open ended series of articles on a variety of technical topics relating to how to go about running a tabletop role playing game. I do not, at the time of this writing, have a plan in mind for what topics I will cover. That might change in time, or it might not. I am wildly in favor of writing things that will help people and will be what they want to read about. To that end, I would very much like to hear from readers regarding topics they would like for me to cover. What I am presenting here is my opinion, and things that have worked for me in the 30+ years that I have been a GM across a wide variety of … Read entire article »

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RPG’s vs MMO’s

Tweet I was listening to the Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast season 4 episode 16 and the talk about the email from Gammonstark. In particular the topic of players not responding to plot hooks and not role playing but rather roll playing. First off let me say that I come from the dim and distant antiquity of gaming when computers were a novelty and an expensive one at that. So to say that I am an old school gamer is not at all a stretch. That said, this topic is not new. We have been weighing the merits of role vs roll playing since the early days, and I expect we will as long as there are people playing role playing games in any form. I want to take a moment to talk … Read entire article »

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Hero System Game Prep

Tweet As I’ve stated on the show, I just finished preparing a one-shot adventure for Orccon 2011 in February. The adventure is called “Big Blue Monkeys From Outerspace!” I designed six pre-generated PCs and about five NPCs/Villains/Monsters. Additionally, Bill and I are going to run a Champions game at the con as well. This will involve even more game prep. I’ve organized a few things that have made my life easier as I’m preparing for the con. Use Hero Designer Hero Designer is the official character maker for the Hero System. It allows users to make characters in both Hero System 5th Edition and the new 6th Edition rules. It makes (relatively) short work of Hero’s famously flexible chargen system. Point totals are updated automatically as you change stats, add skills and powers, talents, … Read entire article »

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