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The Perfect Backstory

Tweet Tomorrow night on Happy Jacks RPG Podcast, sponsored by Crone, the RPG, by the way, we’re going to talk player character backstories. Specifically, we’re going to talk about the sorts of item in backstories that GMs love to see. So in preparation of that discussion, I’d like to detail a few things that I love to see in PC backstories. One: Generates NPCs When gearing up a game, one of the most time-consuming tasks is developing a cast of non-player characters. Crowd sourcing this to your players is a great way to lighten the work load. It doesn’t just have to be parents and other family members, though those can be fun too. And it doesn’t have to be mortal enemies either. It might be a local fence that a thief knows and trusts. Perhaps … Read entire article »

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Why Are You an Adventurer?

Tweet In our last episode of Happy Jacks RPG Podcast, we discussed player character backgrounds, what we want from them, what we use them for, etc. I put out the question: What do you as a GM want from a PC background — what question do you want answered. The most common response was, “why are you an adventurer?” And it makes sense. We as GMs are trying to understand the PCs and what makes them tick. More importantly, if we know why the PCs quit their 9-to-5s, left their families and road off into the sunset, we also know what the players are expecting or hoping for from the game. I started thinking of some reasons why someone would drop everything and go looking for adventurer. Some are common, some aren’t. Revenge. He says with a gravelly … Read entire article »

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When PC Becomes Adversary

Tweet Intra-party conflict. I’ve read dozens of articles about how to avoid it. Players get called names for engaging in it. Why? Isn’t dissension amongst a group of travelers or adventurers a legitimate source of drama? You bet your ass it is. Let me give you one word from the fantasy RPG holy texts: Boromir. I have two general rules to govern intra-party dissension: The conflict must exist between the characters — not the players. When the conflict becomes intolerable for the either the characters or the players, it somehow ends decisively. Between the Characters — Not the Players I don’t even need to expand on this if you’re playing in a game with grown-ups. The conflict should exist between the characters. If it becomes a conflict between the players or it otherwise starts messing with players’ fun, it should … Read entire article »

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