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One GM’s Perspective: What I Want from a PC Backstory

Tweet In the next episode of Happy Jacks RPG Podcast, we’re going to discuss PC backstories and the GMs who ignore them. As an adjunct to this discussion, I like to talk about my expectations and preferences for PC backstories. Obviously, since all GMs are different, have differing play styles, etc., this is my own list of things I like in backstories. It might not be a bad idea to get such a list from your own GM. Part One: Presentation Brevity. I prefer paragraphs to pages when it comes to backstory. Don’t write a novel — or even a novella or short story. Instead, give me a couple paragraphs I can breeze through. Even bullet points or number lists would be fine. General rather than Specific. The more general the information is in your backstory, the better chance … Read entire article »

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