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Review: Drinking Quest RPG

Tweet I take my gaming and my drinking very seriously. You have to when you’re on a podcast with the tagline, “Pursuing the RPG Hobby with Reckless Abandon… and beer.” Perhaps because of this, I was recently sent a review copy of Drinking Quest, an RPG card game designed to be played while drinking. In fact, the mechanics require you to be drinking. BEST CONCEPT EVER. Drinking Quest is a very simple RPG by design, after all, they are expecting you to play while inebriated. The game is designed for two to four players. Everyone starts by choosing one of the four pre-generated character cards. These are all about equal power-wise, and have funny names and powers. I was a little disappointed that only one of the four characters is a very female … Read entire article »

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Gifts for Savage Worlds GMs

Tweet As any Savage Worlds player knows, you need a deck of playing cards for initiative. Why use a plain old deck of cards when you can have something special that will play into the setting of your game? Here are a few that I found. World War Ii Airplane Spotter Cards — Each card give three different silhouettes of an allied or axis aircraft. Perfect for any WWII game or any game with lots of aviation.┬áNaval Spotter Card Game: 1940’s-1960’s — Like the aviation cards, but with seagoing vessels. Also on the WWII front are the WWII Propaganda Poster Playing Cards, with each card giving you a different poster image. Running a zombie-themed game? There are a few decks of zombie-related cards: there are the Zombie Post Apocalypse Playing Cards, Bicycle Zombie Playing Cards … Read entire article »

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