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Goals for Next Con Game

Tweet What with the next convention being three months away, I’ve started preparing for my next set of convention games. The biggest change is the system. I’m going to run GURPS games, rather than Savage Worlds. While I do think that Savage Worlds is uniquely suited to RPG newcomers and convention games, I heard some things from the last con that made me want to switch back to GURPS. Some people I spoke with had not very fun experiences playing GURPS at the con. That hurts my dark, withered soul. I love GURPS. I proselytize GURPS. Everyone should have fun playing GURPS. Anyway, I’ve set some goals for myself for the next batch of convention games: 1. More Character Choices. In the last few games, I provided about eight or nine characters for a six-player game.  I try … Read entire article »

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Something That Would Make Con-Game Prep Easier

Tweet I’m again preparing games for Gamex2011, and again, I’m faced with some daunting tasks. The most daunting is creating pregenerated player characters. I enjoy making characters — I really do — but when you have to make a bunch of them, it gets a bit overwhelming. Making good, interesting characters takes a lot of work. And every time I sit down to make six or eight for a con game, I know that someone out there probably made similar characters. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a searchable database of pre-gens one could peruse by game system, genre and power level? I think so. So, to our readers, I ask this: does such a page exist? I can’t really find one. So I may make one if I can find a few … Read entire article »

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