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Making Charcter Names: The Story of Naractes Chamter

Tweet One of the most threatening things for both players and GMs at the time they are creating their characters is the concept of creating a name. Often people will flake out and go with something that has absolutely no relevance to anything. Think about how many times you’ve seen the name “Bob” at the top of a sheet and wondered to yourself if this has to always be the weak link to your sound character concept. Well in this article I am going to present four methods to help create better character names, two specifically for a modern or futuristic setting and two for a fantasy setting. A. Modern/ Futuristic 1. Combine Names of Others There have been numerous instances where I have been stuck on an idea for a character and … Read entire article »

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T.o R.eward A. P.layer: Six Tips For The Perfect Trap

Tweet The Trap Master. A title given to me by every gaming group I have ever been in. Not only have I been awarded this nickname, I have earned it and wear it with pride. But why, you may ask, would I be so proud of something that frightens so many other GMs and players, the likes of whom speak the word “trap” with hushed tones of respect and fear? Simply put, traps should move the players forward, not hold them back. The anagram I have used to determine how traps should be created illustrates my point; T.o R.eward A. P.layer. With this idea of giving the players added story opportunity I have come up with six tips for the GM who wishes to incorporate more enjoyable traps into their sessions: 1. Make … Read entire article »

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