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RPG’s vs MMO’s

Tweet I was listening to the Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast season 4 episode 16 and the talk about the email from Gammonstark. In particular the topic of players not responding to plot hooks and not role playing but rather roll playing. First off let me say that I come from the dim and distant antiquity of gaming when computers were a novelty and an expensive one at that. So to say that I am an old school gamer is not at all a stretch. That said, this topic is not new. We have been weighing the merits of role vs roll playing since the early days, and I expect we will as long as there are people playing role playing games in any form. I want to take a moment to talk … Read entire article »

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Handling the Non-Role-Player

Tweet Note: This is a response I wrote on the Happy Jack’s forum to a listener who was having trouble getting a new player to role-play during the game. He described his efforts (some of which were monumental) to get the player to join in — but no success. I suggested three possibilities as to why. Here they are. He’s not there to role-play My wife flatly refuses to play with us any more. She played in the very first DnD4e session I ran and had fun doing it. Since then, she’s decided she isn’t a role-player. She wants to solve puzzles and kill monsters, a la old-school D&D. That’s they way she played back in the day, and she’s not interested in taking on a persona, engaging in RP … Read entire article »

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