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Review: Drinking Quest RPG

Tweet I take my gaming and my drinking very seriously. You have to when you’re on a podcast with the tagline, “Pursuing the RPG Hobby with Reckless Abandon… and beer.” Perhaps because of this, I was recently sent a review copy of Drinking Quest, an RPG card game designed to be played while drinking. In fact, the mechanics require you to be drinking. BEST CONCEPT EVER. Drinking Quest is a very simple RPG by design, after all, they are expecting you to play while inebriated. The game is designed for two to four players. Everyone starts by choosing one of the four pre-generated character cards. These are all about equal power-wise, and have funny names and powers. I was a little disappointed that only one of the four characters is a very female … Read entire article »

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I Over Prep?

Tweet Never Unprepared is a concise guide to game prep. For those unfamiliar with (or overwhelmed by) brainstorming and the critical steps beyond just coming up with ideas, this book would be a valuable resource. I personally think I’ve pretty much got the whole game prep thing down. I’ve been doing it for almost 35 years, and I’ve made enough mistakes along the way that I’ve learned some pretty valuable lessons. What this book made me realize is that I am very likely over-preparing for my games. “Too much prep?” Yup. Too much. I generally write out my scenes as if someone else was going to GM the game. I sometimes do this with an eye of publishing the adventure some day, but I’ve gotten into the habit of doing it all the time. For … Read entire article »

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Legend by Mongoose Publishing

Tweet I love what Mongoose Publishing does for the RPG hobby. They’ve taken some old, oft-forgotten systems and breathed new life into them, modernizing the rules and supporting them. Legend is in someways the evolution and “genericization” of Mongoose’s revival of the classic (and table-heavy) Runequest, Runequest II. Legend is a setting-less fantasy RPG using a percentile dice based skill system, much like Call of Cthulhu. The skill system is very flexible and includes rules for taking extra time for bonuses, penalties for rush jobs, applying two skills to a situation. The character generation system is both detailed and quick. In some ways, they’ve applied some aspects of the Traveller chargen and applied it here (though it isn’t random). Characteristics (Strength, Constitution, Size, Intelligence, Power, Dexterity, Charisma)  can either be rolled randomly or purchased … Read entire article »

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GURPS – Traveller – Interstellar Wars

Tweet I picked up GURPS Traveller Interstellar Wars on used.  Like many 4th edition GURPS setting resources, this title is out of print, but it is available as a pdf. I’ve been a fan of the Traveller setting ever since the Journal of the Travellers’ Aide Society began publishing. Back in the old days, it was all about the Spinward Marches — the backwater frontier of the Third Imperium. Capital was more than a year’s worth of jumps away, local government was often corrupt, opportunities to turn a quick credit were everywhere. The chance for political intrigue was there as well: the Zhodani Consulate extended into the Spinward Marches, and then there were the mysterious Darians. GURPS-Travellers-Interstellar Wars winds the clock back to the days of the First Imperium — the Vilani Imperium, … Read entire article »

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Why You Should Try Hero System

Tweet Casey and Bruce are running a 5th Edition Hero Fantasy Game. I’ve talked about it on the show — I’m playing a blind guy with a katana. It’s a very fun game, and it’s reminded me what I really like about Hero — and it’s inspired me to run a one-shot at Orccon 2011 in February. Hero has been around for a very long time, starting with Champions in 1981, and it may be the first  RPG to use a point-based chargen system. Hero as a system has many aspects that set it apart from many other RPGs. Character Generation First and foremost is character generation. The Hero System strives to allow the players to come up with quite literally any character concept and create it. Because of this, the Hero Chargen System … Read entire article »

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