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What Can We Learn from #GamerGate?

Tweet Since August, the internet has been in an uproar about the #gamergate controversy. It seems that everyone has a different opinion about the point of the movement and its impact on the industry. Regardless of what the parties involved intend, and the horrible behavior of jerks abusing the anonymity provided by the internet, there are two main issues that should be pulled from this clusterfuck and more closely examined. 1. Ethics in Journalism Regardless of your feelings about the #gamergate movement, this is an important issue that shouldn’t be ignored. When I was a teacher, I always warned my students about the information available on the internet. The internet gives us incredible freedom to express ourselves and share our opinions, however there are no controls in place to vet websites, online authors, … Read entire article »

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PSA for Publishers Part 1: New media and you.

Tweet Note: This post (and the follow-up post) contain no content about table-top RPGs. While this is the usual subject matter of this blog, I’m writing these two articles as a service to RPG publishers seeking publicity, reviews and interviews. I can’t say all of this information is applicable to all new media, but it does set a good foundation for best practices.  Being the producer of a RPG podcast with a lot of listeners (comparably), I get a lot of requests for reviews and interviews from small game publishers, and I would like to take a moment to both illustrate what it’s like on the other side of your publicity efforts and offer some suggestions on how to do it better and maybe meet with more success. I actually hold a bachelor’s … Read entire article »

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Review: Drinking Quest RPG

Tweet I take my gaming and my drinking very seriously. You have to when you’re on a podcast with the tagline, “Pursuing the RPG Hobby with Reckless Abandon… and beer.” Perhaps because of this, I was recently sent a review copy of Drinking Quest, an RPG card game designed to be played while drinking. In fact, the mechanics require you to be drinking. BEST CONCEPT EVER. Drinking Quest is a very simple RPG by design, after all, they are expecting you to play while inebriated. The game is designed for two to four players. Everyone starts by choosing one of the four pre-generated character cards. These are all about equal power-wise, and have funny names and powers. I was a little disappointed that only one of the four characters is a very female … Read entire article »

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Cowboys vs. Xenomorphs — Mongoose Traveller

Cowboys vs. Xenomorphs — Mongoose Traveller

Tweet Mongoose’s modernization of the classic Traveller science fiction RPG is a fine example of a mature gaming system. It has maintained (and in some cases improved upon) some of Marc Miller’s great innovations, like the random and detailed character generation system and a simple but effective skill system. We’ve played a lot of Mongoose Traveller (MGT) over the last year or so, and a few of us have mused that, because of MGT’s high tech level, … Read entire article »

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Review: Masks of Nyarlathotep

Tweet After reading an excellent article about mystery adventure design, wherein the author credits Masks of Nyarlathotep for giving him the idea for the article, I decided to pick up the 2010 re-release of this adventure. While I haven’t read the adventure cover-to-cover yet — Masks of Nyarlathotep being nearly 250 pages in length is a campaign rather than an adventure — I have been absolutely impressed with what I’ve found. It begins with a narrative about an evil plot — a timeline of what will happen IF no one intervenes. This gives the GM an ongoing timeline of events that can or will happen during the course of the campaign. (I’m really trying not to talk about the details of the adventure so as not to spoil it.) Subsequent chapters detail the various locations where … Read entire article »

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