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Comprehending Cross-Gender Characters

Tweet Cross-gender role-playing can be a controversial topic at the gaming table. Opinions are as varied as one could imagine and while some gaming groups are very open to cross-gender characters, other groups are flat out against it. So why is something that has been around since role-playing began such a big deal? Women are partially to blame. The number of female tabletop gamers has been growing for many years and co-ed games can make people uncomfortable with portraying the opposite sex. After I posed the question on Twitter, one man likened it to faking a British accent with a British person at the table. The pressure to “do it right” can take a lot of the fun out of role-playing, even if the other players at the table aren’t judging you. … Read entire article »

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Acquiring Accents for RPGs

Tweet Accents are one of the most powerful tools in a role-player’s arsenal. Using them can make characters stand out at the gaming table, and differentiate between in character and out of character comments. They can also be the difference between a good GM and an incredible GM who truly immerses players in their world. Why narrate a story? Bring out your inner thespian and BECOME your story. First of all, research whatever accent you’d like to try, or shop around for an accent that you can mimic fairly well. One of the best tools for listening to accents is the internet, specifically videos. Search for “regional dialect meme” on Youtube and you will get a ton of options from all over the world. This meme is particularly helpful because it includes … Read entire article »

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A Challenge: LOSE!

Tweet We all play games for different reasons, for some of us, it’s about the story, for others it’s doing awesome stuff, building a powerful character, gathering wealth, etc. But even among the most role-play-heavy players you’ll see a drop or cessation of role-playing once combat starts. Players — even good ones — may trade tactical advice, point out particular dangers, etc. This often won’t be in character. It’s simple table talk between players who are cooperating to win a combat encounter. But it IS metagaming. Amongst the many crimes of metagaming, this is probably a minor infraction, so insignificant that many GMs wouldn’t bother admonishing players for it. And it’s understandable: combats in RPGs are always a win-lose event, and everyone likes to win. But consider this: what would happen to your character’s story … Read entire article »

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JiB On GM’ing 4: Adding Flair and Flavor to Our Games

Tweet I’ve been told by any number of GM’s that they can only run one kind of game whether it be fantasy, or horror or some other genre of game. When they try to run something else it turns into the same old thing. The purpose of this On GM’ing article is to talk about ways to bring flavor and flair to our games and to give ideas for making games feel very different from one another.   Regardless of what kind of game I want to make I find it helpful to read books and short fiction or whatever I can lay my hands on of the type I’m trying to emulate. The idea being to immerse myself into the atmosphere I’m trying to create for my players. Music and movies are … Read entire article »

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Gaming with Guido: Inspiration, adaptation, and organization.

Tweet I wanted to take a minute to talk about inspiration, adaptation, and organization. Have you ever seen a show or movie and thought it would make a great game? Well there are definitely ways to make that happen. It really all comes down to adapting it well and keeping yourself organized in such a way to make it easy to do. In one of my previous articles I mentioned my ideas notebooks that I keep for my various games, I’m going to show you how to create your own so you can create some fun and unique stories for your players to enjoy. While creativity is fantastic, and I don’t mean to hinder that at all, as we get older we gain lots of new responsibilities. … Read entire article »

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