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Thou Shalt Not Play with Assholes

Tweet Should subjective tabletop RPG rules be eliminated since they can allow the GM’s biases to influence the game? This rather hot topic has arisen lately, especially regarding mechanics where the GM can reward players for their role-playing. This discussion was started by site called Gaming for Women and we recently discussed it on an episode of the Happy Jack’s RPG podcast. While misogynistic behavior was the main concern of the article, any time you allow the human element into activities it opens the door for prejudice. I will be the first to admit that this can lead to horrible situations in games and in gaming groups. However, I argue that this subjectivity is imperative to gaming and especially vital with reward mechanics. The human element is the reason we play tabletop … Read entire article »

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Gaming with Guido: Random Gaming

Tweet I’ve seen lately a bit of a trend toward disliking random elements in games. Things like a random encounter. There have been comments that if it’s not designed and planned for in the game, or key to the story, that it shouldn’t be included in the game. I find this outlook flawed. Random elements for me are one of the things that make the game fun for me as the GM. If I spend loads of time crafting a story and laying in all the elements exactly the way that I want them to be, that’s boring. This is supposed to be fun for me and the players right? What’s fun about knowing what’s going to happen? Nothing as far as I’m … Read entire article »

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Evolution of a GM part 6: My top ten.

Tweet Welcome back to Evolution of a GM for the final installment where I climb up to the top of my ivory tower and tell you all about how to be a great gamemaster using a few key things I pull out of the well of wisdom that is my experience. Alright, so not really, but I will use my time as a GM to tell you what I learned in the form of my Top 10 Rules to Gamemastering. I don’t pretend to think that these rules are gospel in any way. Afterall, I’ve only been running games now for six years I don’t have the wealth of experience of some other people you may have the pleasure to learn from. I have had the opportunity … Read entire article »

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Evolution of a GM part 5: Setting the mood.

Tweet Thanks for returning to and my little blog series here, I appreciate your dedication to what I have to say. Speaking of what I have to say, let’s get to that shall we? For this little session of “Evolution of a GM” I’d like to discuss the way that I run a game during actual play, and what I do to draw my players in and make the game more interactive for them. I have a decent amount to say on this subject so let’s get right to it. The first thing I do in my games is encourage personality. In this instance I’m not talking about the characters, I’m talking about the players themselves. Nothing makes a game seem less enjoyable than a table … Read entire article »

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