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Savage Worlds Deluxe — First Impressions

Tweet Savage Worlds Deluxe I picked up a physical copy of Savage Worlds Deluxe from my FLGS. In case you haven’t heard of it, Savage Worlds is a universal or generic role-playing game system. It’s strengths are its simplicity of character generation and game prep. While the pdf for the deluxe edition has been available for some time, the long-anticipated book is just now making it to stores out here in the more  remote parts of the world. There are a few changes from the Explorer’s Edition that I’d like to touch on that I’ve noticed thus far: No More Guts Skill! Huzzah!  The Guts skill is now an optional rule. If the players need to keep their cool in a horrific situation, they make a spirit roll now. The inclusion of both seemed redundant to me. New Chase … Read entire article »

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