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Convention Game Ideas

Tweet While perusing through my brain for idea for the upcoming Orccon 2012, I came up with a couple of interesting ideas for one-shot games. Ghostbusters: Terror at the Tournament of Roses! Synopsis: This is the second installment of my Ghostbusters – Los Angeles game. It takes place on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, in the city known for the worlds worst traffic for those two days: Pasadena. In this adventure, our trusty and dysfunctional, borderline unemployable, Ghostbusters find themselves steeped in a mystery of a 100-year-old haunting of Colorado Boulevard, a mysterious cult with a Rose Parade float and a busybody psychic. System: Savage Worlds Deluxe. For 6 players. This game is already submitted. Savage Worlds: Fantasy Synopsis: Not a synopsis, really … more of an explanation. We’ve had some difficulty running Savage Worlds in a … Read entire article »

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Post Gateway 2011: thoughts on my games

Tweet With Gateway 2011 behind us, I now have some breathing room to reflect on the games and the prep. I ran three games at Gateway, Ghostbusters LA vs. the Flying Spaghetti Monster; Big Red Planet Hollywood; The Tulupian Avian. I’ll detail each game separately. The Tulupian Avian System: GURPS (in the Traveller setting) Synopsis to the players: An artifact of Ancient manufacture has been discovered on Forine. The object was supposed to be bequeathed to a museum on Grote, but the chancellor of Forine has had a change of heart. The party is the crew of a merchant trader that has been hired by the local duke to take him to Forine where he will try to smooth over relations and gain possession of the artifact (with the understanding that the artifact WILL leave when the … Read entire article »

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Ghostbusters vs. the Flying Spaghetti Monster game notes.

Tweet It’s Sunday morning of Gateway 2011 as I write this. I’m prepping for my last game of the con: a GURPS Traveller game. The two games I ran yesterday went very well. I got many especially kind compliments from my players in the Ghostbusters game. The game ran just on time, and the players unraveled the mystery as just the right moment — I FINALLY put in the right amount of clues at the right time for the big secret to be neither too obvious or unsolvable. In the past, I’ve had several players and listeners ask me to publish my game notes. Often they are gone, deleted and forgotten by the time I’m asked. I’ve decided to post them before anyone asks. Below is a link to a pdf of the … Read entire article »

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Savage Worlds Deluxe — First Impressions

Tweet Savage Worlds Deluxe I picked up a physical copy of Savage Worlds Deluxe from my FLGS. In case you haven’t heard of it, Savage Worlds is a universal or generic role-playing game system. It’s strengths are its simplicity of character generation and game prep. While the pdf for the deluxe edition has been available for some time, the long-anticipated book is just now making it to stores out here in the more  remote parts of the world. There are a few changes from the Explorer’s Edition that I’d like to touch on that I’ve noticed thus far: No More Guts Skill! Huzzah!  The Guts skill is now an optional rule. If the players need to keep their cool in a horrific situation, they make a spirit roll now. The inclusion of both seemed redundant to me. New Chase … Read entire article »

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Savage Worlds: A Love Letter.

Tweet Dear Savage Worlds; I think I’m in love with you. I know we had a little “thing” a while back, and I even updated by Facebook status from “In a Relationship With GURPS” to “It’s Complicated.” And yeah, I changed it back the next day. But this time I think I mean it. Last night, I made six very detailed pre-generated characters for a convention game in about two hours — and that includes background/back story for the players. Two hours. 120 minutes. That gave me more time to work on details of the adventure — you know, the story. My NPCs went from a few stats and a name to fleshed out characters with personality quirks and real, individual motivations. And speaking of NPCs, I can make about a dozen of them an hour. … Read entire article »

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