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Two Great RPG Titles on Sale at RPGNow


Two great titles are now on sale at drivethrurpg/rpgnow. These sales end on June 2nd, so don’t wait to long if you’ve been looking to pick them up on the cheap.

The first is the 4th Edition of Legends of the Five Rings for $8.75. The second is Mongoose Publishing’s Traveller Core Book for $4.80.

Legends of the Five Rings (or L5R), is a fantasy RPG based on the feudal samurai era of Japan (though the actual setting is fictitious). L5R from the ground up is a new look at a fantasy adventure game without the medieval-European/.Tolkien-based setting. It is refreshing for those who want to run a fantasy game, but are tired of all the common Western tropes.

Mongoose’s Traveller is quite possibly the best re-imagining of Marc Miller’s original 1977 classic Traveller RPG. It has been modernized to include a faster, more realistic combat system, yet maintains what made the original great, including the famous random character generation/backstory system.

I can’t say enough about these two products. They are both fantastic resources every RPG enthusiast should own.


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Stu Venable is the producer of Happy Jacks RPG Podcast and writer and editor of He is founder and director of the Poxy Boggards and a member of Celtic Squall. He holds a degree in Journalism and Public Relations from California State University, Long Beach. He is a husband and a father. He hates puppies.

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3 Responses to "Two Great RPG Titles on Sale at RPGNow"

  1. IRollDiceNo Gravatar says:

    The Shadowrun core rulebook is also ~$4.00.

  2. Matthew Tyler-JonesNo Gravatar says:

    Well, I had to buy L5R, not to play, but to better follow along on your very enjoyable actual play podcasts. When I got it though – WOW! It’s gorgeous! what fabulous artwork, and what detail and support for playing. Well worth anyone’s bucks for the pdf, and the hardback must be a joy to hold.

    I really want to play it now, not GM, but play. Who else can I convince to buy the pdf in the next 24 hours?

  3. Rot Grub on the forumsNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks, Stu! Already had Mongoose Traveller, but wanted to pick -up both L5R and Shadowrun.