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WTF, Gencon?!?

All the sandy vaginas over at must have their labias all a flutter at the news that Gencon has caved to their hyper-sensitive kerfuffle about the Gencon SPA logo. What a surprise: the stupidest common denominator got their way — again.

Here’s the link to the horseshit contest they’re having to replace their ball-and-chain logo with something that will no doubt be politically correct, non-offensive and humorless.

I detest humorless fucks. I really do. And I can’t stand people who so desperately want to be oppressed, yet aren’t, that that seek out affronts to other groups so they can be offended for them.

I can only hope that those of us who like a little humor in our lives can outvote the cretins who want the world antiseptic and boring.

We could nominate this image:

And don’t worry — it’s gender-neutral. You can use it as an enema. The folks at critical-hits can probably use one.

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